Social networking - Good or Bad?

Social Networking

The Good Stuff.

A lot of people will tell you that having the right connections will make a lot of difference in your success or failure. for businessmen or entrepreneurs knowing people will potentially help them expand as they can have the right advice and a lot of feedback too.

social networking is really important in this world in day to day life, because the internet is a place for everything. people turn to the internet for selling stuff and obviously there is someone buying it too, people teach and learn things on the internet which is also mutual teaching and learning, and all this, thanks to Web 2.0 which made all this happen.

when you are connected to the internet you are literally exposed to crores of people, you can talk to them, make them friends, follow great personalities, make business deals and a lot of stuff like that.
This is important because if you don't do this you and your business will be unseen and no one will know you.
There have been many who have been involved in running social media campaigns for the society and have done well to the society. In 2001 Ajay Mamuktala from Mumbai was able to raise around 20 lakh from a campaign he runs on Twitter for cancer patients. In 2005, John Bunnell, a US-based sheriff was able to mobilize 5000 youngsters for a basic life support training campaign only through his facebook campaigns. Last year, President Obama reached out to millions of people on a very personal level with the help of Twitter. This is what social networking can do to you.

The Bad Stuff.

Social networking site like "Facebook" and "Twitter" have millions of users worldwide, so no doubt that social media comes with a lot of connections and these have gelp[ed a lot of people to get exposure in this big world, but then it's new and one must not get over-enthusiastic over the business part.

Henry David Thoreau once remarked, “Men have become a tool of their tools”. It couldn’t be after even then than it is now when talk of social networking. From new teens to young adults to office-going-nearing-40, everyone who has access to net seems to be on one social networking or the other.

It is especially the younger ones who are more prone to be addicted to one thing or the other, they have taken it like their video games or comic books, teenage and early adulthood is the time when we’re growing out of the secure cocoons of our homes, and begin to come into contact with the outside world. At this stage when our young minds should be engaged in dealing with the realities of life and relationships, they are dipping their body and souls into a virtual reality.

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