The Success of Fidgeting

The Success of Fidgeting

Fidget spinners probably the wildest and the craziest trends of 2017. The extent to which these toys got viral convinces me that I don’t need to explain to you what exactly these things are. This trend started in March 2017 and had gained 100 percent interest by May worldwide according to Google trends. Regions like New Zealand, Australia and USA top charts of popularity with more than 90 percent on the other hand in India the search interest was as low as 6 percent. However, these toys got popular in India in
their own creative way, some of the posts are shared below.
Fidget Spinners

These stress relieving toys which were originally developed by Catherine Hettinger became such a craze amongst the students that various educational institutes banned these from their campus stating them to be classroom distractions. However, manufacturers claim that these toys help with ADHD (Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder) and other anxiety disorders. The main reason behind the success of these little bearings is a perfect blend of various factors. But before talking about their success let us talk a little about Pokémon Go, the reason behind the success of this app was that it attracted a large audience where the people between their 20 -30s could relate to it as it could be their favorite cartoon in the past.

On the other hand, it also entertained people who
disliked Pokémon or probably didn’t know much about it by using a totally new concept of ‘real time location’ based gaming and interface. Hence, it was successful in creating a wave that took over the world in no time. Now talking about spinners, firstly these things were pocket-friendly; this gave them a good advantage of creating a talk of the town; when people carried the spinners outdoors, it evoked curiosity among others. They were cheap as well as addictive and obviously, they attracted all age group.

Other factors such as availability in various colors and designs fascinated anyone and everyone and played a very important role in making them a social boom. Lastly, we can conclude that these spinners were successfully marketed gadgets.
-Contributed by HarshTibrewal
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