Tez UPI based digital payments app launched in India by Google.

Tez meaning fast in hindi , is the latest UPI based digital payments launched India. The company will launch the App in New Delhi, but it is ahead online. As a matter of fact most of the payments app recently launched in India after the mass demonetization  have grown too much, and now we have Google to take its pie.

Amazon and Facebook the other rivals of facebook are also planning to tap out most from the growing digital market.
This app will work for both Android and IOS,also powered by UPI, a government payment protocol built by government-backed organization NCPL.

"The app weighs just 7MB on Android and works with the vast majority of Android smartphones in the country," Caesar Sengupta, the head of Google's Next Billion programme said onstage at the event. The app even works on Android KitKat-powered smartphones, Sengupta said. iPhone users -- going as back as iPhone 4s -- will be able to use Tez app as well, he added.

-Monu Singh
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