Getting started with Arduino.

Arduino: How to get started?
The Arduino is a great platform for learning microcontroller programming and circuits. For those who don't know from where to start.
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So let's get started.

Arduino is a microcontroller on circuit board which makes it easy to receive inputs and drove outputs accordingly as per your need.

can be asked to sense various factors using external sensors which can actually track parameters like temperature, motion, distance, sound and much more.

As stated earlier the Arduino board can collect data analyze according to your need, process and give external electronic signals which in turn can drive other electronic devices accordingly.

There are many online distributors that sell Arduino boards. Most of the Arduino board comes with a starter kit which includes a bread board, some LED's, connecting wires, some sensors.
Starter kit

The Difficulty comes while choosing the Arduino Boards as there are many different types for different needs, As a starter, I would suggest you buy an ARDUINO UNO board. 
As a matter of fact, due to its fame, you may end up buying a fake product so research before buying.

No wonder you also need a computer software to program your board, So here is the link to the Original software The Installation is very easy just follow the instructions.

This is basically the most important part, you are actually required to analyze the given problem, think, create an algorithm and then code, once you are done with coding you just need to upload it to your Arduino board connect all the circuit components required and just power it up to see your project work.
But before this, you need to learn  how to think logically in terms of Arduino and then code,
So here is the link where you can start learning coding Arduino boards.
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-Monu Singh and Ashutosh Tripati
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